The very first Art Workshop

Before we start on the next adventure (ART & WINE Classes starting Thursday 27th July), I was reflecting on my first adult workshop. I have worked with teenagers for so long that it was really rewarding teaching adults (and a lot calmer, let me tell you!). 

This workshop was an Abstract Painting Workshop run on a sunny Sunday (see pics of the beautiful light streaming in the windows). The workshop ran for about 4 hours, which was plenty of time to learn and complete our paintings. It was really interesting how in teaching simple art elements such as line, colour, shape (the basics of abstract art), composition and some colour mixing techniques, everyone created something so unique, each persons psyche came through in their painting and it felt like a art therapy session (or what I would imagine art therapy to be like, as I have never studied or been in a session).

So this got me thinking about how important art is for unwinding, relaxing, de-stressing! I have always been someone to create something... week to week I have to draw, to paint, to use my hands, but for those who don't do this what a wonderful experience to have a safe space to learn (with no judgement) to create, to play and to make mistakes. I hope to provide this in all of my classes for anyone willing to learn.

And so this is where the journey continues... with thanks to my first class who suggested in our conversations ART & WINE, also to The Collaborative Camden who's space is beautifully presented, a great space for workshops and events alike. 

If you are interested in the current classes see here for more information.

Kress xxx


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Abstract Art Workshops

It's been about a year and a half since I last took a class and I started missing it this year, but instead of teaching high school art I have decided to take workshops! I have taught in high schools for 5 years and since having my first baby I have not gone back but that doesn't mean that I don't love teaching because I do and so I can't wait to take these workshops!

I have decided to start with an Abstract Painting workshop and branch out from there. If you are reading this and live in the area (Camden, Australia) and are interested in some other form of art making which could be taught in a workshop, please contact me! I would love to hear from you!

Anyways the details are as follows...

Please contact me for any enquiries and also see The Collaborative Camden for their other workshops.

2017 March Wedding Art

In March this year my best friend was married and I created the artwork. The wedding was all kinds of beachside glam and we had a ball-tearer of a time (of course). But lets get back to the part where I created the artwork...

It started with the invitations, Rochelle (my best friend from high school days) sent me through her ideas, a wreath style, patterned invitation with hand scripted words using a colour palette of mostly greens. I used water colours to complete the artwork and digitally sent it through to her. She used her creativity and Photoshop to finish the invitations ready for print and used quality paper bought off Etsy.

The second part of the work was signage for the big day, I painted a large 'Love Day' artwork which sat at the entrance of the venue on my easel and a 'Bare Feet Welcome' sign for the beach entrance. These artworks were made to be fun and full of colour and love which really reflected both Rochelle and her new hubby, Michael's feeling about spending the rest of their lives together.



For more on her wedding see the sites below...

September exhibition a success!

This post is definitely overdue, by about a month... But I'm new to this, well that's my excuse! Also I'm an artist not a writer, yeah! Ha! 

So on the 1st of September I put my most recent paintings up in The Camden Library, a space open to the residence of Camden to use. On the following Thursday I had an opening and invited some of my friends and family, it was a successful evening and it was nice to finally have my work up for everyone to enjoy. 

The work is a series of abstract paintings which explores media and technique. The exhibition named 'crash bang *sigh*' also explored my emotional state and having had my first child this year, has been a roller coaster! The paintings reflect all of this and so use a variety of colours and textures. 

If you have any inquiries about any of my works or any other commissions you have in mind, go to my contact page or email at





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I am Kress!  

Welcome to my blog, here I will leave lots of ideas, images, things that relate to art, my art and life. I imagine it will be a digital visual diary... Please follow me along on my journey and feel free to leave me a comment or contact me privately through my contact page and follow me on instagram @iamkress!!! 
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