September exhibition a success!

This post is definitely overdue, by about a month... But I'm new to this, well that's my excuse! Also I'm an artist not a writer, yeah! Ha! 

So on the 1st of September I put my most recent paintings up in The Camden Library, a space open to the residence of Camden to use. On the following Thursday I had an opening and invited some of my friends and family, it was a successful evening and it was nice to finally have my work up for everyone to enjoy. 

The work is a series of abstract paintings which explores media and technique. The exhibition named 'crash bang *sigh*' also explored my emotional state and having had my first child this year, has been a roller coaster! The paintings reflect all of this and so use a variety of colours and textures. 

If you have any inquiries about any of my works or any other commissions you have in mind, go to my contact page or email at





library exhibition2.jpg